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Filed in Branding & Design — March 7, 2016

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As an entrepreneur, we all love those cute quote images on Facebook and Instagram. They’re a quick way to connect with your followers and let them know what’s on your mind + give them a little boost of #inspiration.

But, creating quote images can be a total time-suck, right? That’s why I created an Insta Quotes collection for the Styled Stock Library. It makes adding beautiful quote images to your Instagram feed so easy – it literally only takes a couple of seconds to download the image on your phone and then upload it into Instagram. Boom, you have beautiful content right at your fingertips!

I bet that’s why this collection has become SO popular! I love seeing members sprinkling in these ready-made quotes into their Instagram feeds as a quick way to add some pretty and get the conversation started with their followers.

The collection is refreshed each month with a new set of images, and starting this month, I’ve also included templates for members to use by adding their own text overtop of the background graphic! Can I get a #hellyeah?

Haute Stock's example of how to create beautiful instagram quote graphics using styled stock photography!

Below is a sample of the March Insta Quotes collection. I wanted to create something soft and fresh for spring, so I used a photo I took of some florals to create two of the background images. Then I added in a marble background and a blush pink background to make things interesting and add variety.


Members can use one or all of these images to create a curated collection of quotes for their Instagram feeds + they can now create their own quotes using the template backgrounds I have provided.

Here’s a quick video I created to show you how to do this, it’s SO easy and it takes only a couple of minutes!

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