Expert Business Tips For Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

Filed in Content Marketing — November 8, 2019

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Sometimes the best move is to take a step back and ask for advice from an expert outside your business. A fresh set of eyes and a new perspective can bring you ideas that you’ve never thought of before!


Expert business tips & tricks for your sales and promotions for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday!


We went to different sources that we trust in order to get their opinion on their own tested techniques for completely nailing Black Friday sales and promotions.

Each featured expert is in a different industry and brings a unique perspective to the sales season.


1. Customers Come First

The first tip is from Stancz Retail Consulting:

“Think about what YOUR customer wants. Does your customer want a Buy More, Save More Sale? Does your product fit in with a BOGO, or are your customers just looking to buy one of your items at a flat discount for Black Friday?

What promotions have worked for you in the past, and what have not? Focus on the promotions that have worked for you, and find a way to make them better or more attractive to YOUR ideal customer.”

Business Tip: Think about what your customer wants before you start planning out your next big sale or promotion for your business. Click here to read the entire tip and more from other expert sources!



2. Plan, Promote, & Review

The second tip is from INFLUENCE MEDIA:

“Heading into Black Friday and Cyber Monday, define the offer and who it’s for early on so you can plan out your promotional calendar ahead of time.

Run Facebook/Instagram or Google Ads leading up to the sale so that you can build your email list and create hyper targeted remarketing ads to decrease the Cost Per Click and increase ROI.

Review your email marketing automations and prepare your custom audiences ahead of time so you’re ready to push your offer out to the warmest audiences.”




3. Streamline Your Business

The third tip is from Printed Mint:

“Look for ways to streamline your business. An example of this would be using Print on Demand Integration Features if you own a product-based eCommerce business.

Printed Mint now integrates with Etsy, Shopify and a host of other applications via Order Desk. Integrations save a lot of time by seamlessly importing your order data and sending orders to production so you can focus more on the part of your biz that you love — the creating — and less on the admin.”

Business tip: Streamline your business with integrations in order to slay your next business promotion or event! Click here to get more tips from expert sources!



4. Segment your Email List for Affiliate Promotions

The fourth tip is from ZOELINDA:

“Segment your email list for your affiliate promotions. Black Friday is super noisy so make sure you are tailoring your promotions to fit your audience and their interests. Instead of promoting any and every Black Friday offer you are an affiliate for to your entire list, break your audience into segments to promote specific products.

First, send an email round-up with everything you want to promote to your whole list but make sure you tag subscribers who click through on certain links. For the rest of the weekend, you should send follow-up emails and final reminder emails to the people who were interested in certain topics in relation to your affiliate offers or who clicked on your affiliate links.”


Affiliate Marketing for Black Friday Sales.



5. Create Catchy Graphics

The fifth tip is from us at HAUTE STOCK:

“Cyber Weekend is a busy time when everyone’s inboxes and social media feeds will be bombarded with amazing limited time offers. You’ll need really catchy graphics to ensure your audience pays attention. Use images with high contrast, bold fonts, or punchy colors to stand out. Make sure your messaging is short, compelling, and has a strong call to action.”

Business tip: Create catchy graphics to stand out during Black Friday and cyber Monday sales weekend! Click here to get more tips from expert sources!


We hope these tips & tricks will help you crush your Q4 and Cyber Weekend goals! Don’t forget that you can apply these suggestions to any promotions you have planned, at any time of the year, to increase your exposure and sales. We’re cheering you on, Hautie!


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