How to Crop a Video

Filed in Graphic Design Tutorials — March 3, 2023

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Imagine this – You’ve found the perfect stock video to use for your brand but *yikes* you can only find it in the horizontal version and you need it for social. Do you give up on using the video and continue your search to find another stock video?

Haute Stock teaches you how you can crop any video to fit your website headers or social posts.

I’m here to tell you that you can absolutely make any horizontal video vertical OR VICE VERSA with a little cropping. It can actually add some fun and interest to the visuals by focusing in on a key element within the video!

Follow along with me as I show you how to crop a vertical video into horizontal for your website headers and how to crop a horizontal video to vertical for social.

Learn how to make any vertical video horizontal for your website headers in Haute Stock's tutorial.

How to crop a vertical video to horizontal for website headers

  1. Research optimum sizing for headers on your own website
  2. Create canva document in specific dimensions
  3. Decide on focal point of the video
  4. Consider if you’ll be overlaying with text & where that will sit on the video (if text is in middle then video focal point will probably be best on the side and vice versa). You can also add a colored background behind the video and turn down the opacity so that when text gets overlaid it will pop out. Make sure to choose a background color that will contrast your text color as well
  5. Resize the video to cover the entire canvas
  6. Trim timing if needed
  7. Download as Mp4

Crop a horizontal video to vertical for socials

  1. Start by downloading your stock or personal brand video
  2. Create canvas based on where you’ll be posting (reel, stories, etc)
  3. Again consider your focal point & if you’ll be overlaying any text
  4. Crop video
  5. Trim length of video
  6. Download as mp4
  7. Upload to instagram

Learn how to make any horizontal video vertical for your social posts from Haute Stock.

Want to watch us crop this videos in real time? Watch the video below


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