How to Grow your Email List Using a Free Opt-In

Filed in Content Marketing — May 5, 2021

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Read this post & download the free guide for our tips on How to Get Started With Email Marketing

Ready for an unpopular opinion?

You need more than a perfect social media content plan to effectively market your business and turn followers into buyers.

At Haute Stock we’ve always felt that social media plays a part in the marketing puzzle, but it’s not everything.

Don’t get us wrong—showing up consistently, using cohesive visuals, copy & tone of voice, and staying on top of the algorithm trends, are all important if you want to build community and strengthen your relationship with your audience beyond your website or blog.

But it’s easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed with social media, especially if all of your hard work isn’t translating into new leads or sales. Instagram burnout is real, we’ve experienced it too!

So beyond social media, you should have another platform that you use (regularly) to get in touch with your audience to share news, offers, promotions, sales, or other important info about you + your biz.

Enter: an email list.(for Haute Stock, email marketing drives more sales than social media by a large margin!)

If you haven’t started growing one yet, or you’re passively collecting emails but not engaging with your subscribers, drop what you’re doing and start reading this FREE guide we’ve created on How to grow your email list using a free opt-in resource.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • why only using social media to communicate with your audience is risky

  • what makes for an effective freebie offer that potential leads will actually want

  • how to promote your freebie

  • along with more email marketing suggestions!

Expert tip: just like anything you do in business, it’s important to analyze the data and look at how many actual leads & sales are coming through your different platforms to make informed decisions on what works best for your business. It’s all a bit of trial & error to see what works and what doesn’t!

Free Email Marketing Guide from Haute Stock. Learn how to start and grow your email list by offering a free opt-in resource. Click to download the free guide now!

If you’ve been struggling to design a free opt-in resource that perfectly combines visuals and text to convey your expertise, close that tab and open up one of our professionally designed templates instead.

We recently added new workbook and ebook Canva templates that can be completely customized with your text and brand elements, for a free opt-in resource that attracts and resonates with your newsletter subscribers.

Our professionally designed templates take the guesswork out of where things should go and what looks good, and instead empower you to simply plug in your content, make branded tweaks, and release your product in less time than it took to DIY your own or find a template elsewhere.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the workbook and ebook templates currently available in the Haute Stock library!

Bright and bold branded Canva templates for online course creators, coaches, and business owners from Haute Stock. Become a Haute Stock membership to customize these workbook, ebook and webinar Canva templates for your business!

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