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Simple Strategies for Instagram Growth

Filed in Content Marketing, Featured, Instagram Tips — June 8, 2023

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Finding social media overwhelming doesn’t make you a failure — it makes you human. The problem with most advice about growing on Instagram is that it takes a short-sighted, “quick-win” approach to the platform. Which may be great for a few hits of dopamine, but not so great for building a sustainable business. So if you want simple strategies for consistent Instagram growth, keep reading!

Algorithm changes, finding trending audios, and showing up on Stories can be draining for any busy entrepreneur. Especially when you’re behind the scenes creating, scheduling, posting, and trying to run a profitable business at the same time. 

So many entrepreneurs feel the social media energy-suck.

But there is a way to market your business on Instagram without having to spend all your time on the app!

And most importantly so the time you do spend on Instagram is helping you grow your following and your business consistently. 

Let’s dive in! 👇

This post is about Simple Strategies for Instagram Growth that Entrepreneurs Can Use To Attract More Followers and Grow their Brands.

Commit to a consistent posting schedule

The first strategy for consistent Instagram growth may be simple, but it’s one of the hardest to stick to. And that is committing to a consistent posting schedule.

Here’s the truth: in order to build a strong foundation and see if your strategy is working, you need data.

To get data, you need to post consistently. This should be quality content — don’t sacrifice quality for quantity when it comes to content.

  • I suggest posting at least 3X/week, but if you can swing 5X/week, it could improve your reach even more

  • Try to show up daily (on weekdays) in Stories to build community

  • Reply to comments & DMs and comment on other accounts (2X/day, on weekdays)

Experiment with different types of content

If you haven’t quite found your groove yet, this is a great time to try different forms of content and see what lands with your audience.

First, make sure you understand your ideal buyer, including their problems and desires as they relate to your offers. This will help you create relevant content.

  • Try different Reels formats like: talking head, voiceover, expanding in the caption, vlog style, grwm, etc . If you want more ideas, check out our 16 Easy Reels Ideas Guide!

  • Create different carousel formats for educational, storytelling, and selling purposes

See what works and double down on it

Now that you’re posting consistently, you will begin to see trends in the type of content that works for your brand. Keep track of the following: 

  • Check your analytics weekly to keep a pulse on how your content is resonating with your audience.

  • See which posts got the most reach and engagement. This will help you understand what type of content is getting picked up by the algorithm and shown to a wider audience.

  • Re-create the same format of content. Use the same format, but with different topics related to your audience /offer.

Batch content creation

Batching content creation allows you to dedicate a block of time to creating multiple similar types of content at once. This is very helpful instead of switching back and forth and losing productivity and flow as you do.

Here’s an example schedule:

  • Monday: research and come up with content ideas (1hr)
  • Tuesday: film and/or design content (2hrs)
  • Wednesday: edit videos & find au (1hr)
  • Thursday: write captions & schedule posts (30 mins)
  • Friday: review last week’s analytics (30 mins)

Write SEO friendly captions

Captions are key in getting your content pushed out to the right audience. Make sure you’re using keywords your audience is searching for when writing your captions.

  • Remember to keep your captions conversational. Captions are a way to let your brand personality shine through; write in your unique tone of voice.

  • You can also experiment with Reels that use a hook CTA that says “caption for details” to see if this format performs better for you.

Maintain a well-designed feed

You may be saying, “Rachel, feed aesthetics don’t matter anymore!” and I’ll argue that they still do. Why? Because branding still matters.

While you don’t have to worry about making your feed ‘perfect’, you do want someone to land on your feed and a) know what you do, and b) connect with your brand at a glance.

  • Use catchy copy on your covers to entice viewers to watch or read

  • Keep your feed clean and cohesive so that browsers can quickly understand what you do and the type of content you create, otherwise you’ll lose them

Repurpose well-performing content

This is my secret strategy for working smarter, not harder! Not only does this save you time, it almost always guarantees success because you’re using content that has already performed well in the past!

  • Every month look back at the top performing posts from the last 30 days

  • Save the ones that had the best engagement (or the metrics most important to you)

Use on-brand stock imagery to help you create consistent content

I’m an introvert who is way more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it! 

That’s why I love having access to all the visual content inside the Haute Stock library. I’m not only able to create social media graphics faster, but also helps me show up consistently. So even if I’m not feeling up to the task of filming myself for a Reel or hopping on Stories, I can continue to provide value for my audience by using stock photos and videos that inspire connection. 

  • Stick to imagery in your brand colors or add a colored overlay to stay cohesive

  • Choose imagery that reflects your brand keywords to empower your messaging

At the end of the day, this Instagram growth strategy takes a long term, consistent approach. If you’re trying to build a sustainable business (with a steady stream of potential buyers), the consistent and thorough approach is the way to go.

It not only signals to the algorithm that you’re a serious user, it also shows your audience that you’re committed to creating high-quality content for them on the platform, and gives them a reason to stick around.

Finally, it creates an “all-in” commitment from you. It gives you permission to see the time you spend on Instagram as an intentional marketing activity, rather than a never-ending scrolling time-suck.

In conclusion, the Instagram strategy for consistent growth breaks down to: committing to a consistent posting schedule, experimenting with different types of content, and seeing what works to double down on it.

Batching content creation and writing SEO friendly captions will help you streamline your workflow and reach the right audience.

Maintaining a well-designed feed and repurposing well-performing content will help you create consistent content that resonates with your followers.

Finally, using on-brand stock photos, videos, and branding elements can help you show up consistently and provide value for your audience.

By following these tips and consistently tracking your analytics, you can develop an effective Instagram strategy that helps you grow your following and your business!

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