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Filed in Stock Images — November 15, 2021

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Time-Saving Templates to Help you Create Content Faster

Hey there solopreneur, we see you out there doing #allthethings to grow your business.

We know it’s hard to find the time to create engaging visual content for social media and your other marketing channels, when you’re so busy serving your clients, shipping products, or creating your next big offer.

That’s why in addition to the stock images and stock videos in the library, we also include completely customizable templates that you can edit in Canva with just a few clicks.

Our templates are designed with intention — not just to look pretty, but to help you market and grow your business on social media and beyond.

It can be hard to find the right design elements and pull them all together to create a consistent brand across your marketing platforms, but that’s exactly what our professionally designed templates do.

Our design team creates them with both aesthetics and engagement in mind, so you can simply download and quickly change the fonts, colors and copy to suit your branding.


Scroll through the slides below to see the different types of Canva templates available in the Haute Stock Library

Presentation Slides

Forget PowerPoint, ditch Google Slides — your slide deck will look absolutely stunning from now on, with these expertly styled Canva presentation templates. And you’re not just wowing your audience, students, and clients with good looks only. Each presentation slide is strategically designed so you’re pulling important quotes into focus, sharing key takeaways in each lesson, providing social proof with testimonials, and adding a “Contact Us” or “Thank You” page with ways to connect.

Whether you use the presentation slides to create a free webinar that aims to drive traffic to an opt-in or gets viewers into a purchase sequence, or you use the Canva templates to help you secure clients by diving into your services (aesthetically), you’ll love using these easy, customizable presentation slides for your business.

Workbooks & eBooks

If your main lead magnet is a free checklist or workbook, make sure you’re putting your brand’s best foot forward by wowing your new audience with a beautiful design. Your subscribers will be impressed by the clean design, organized page formatting, and engaging visuals to tie everything together. These workbook templates are can either be printed to be filled out or you can turn the pages into an editable PDF for those who like digital worksheets.

The workbook and eBook templates are not only for creating free opt-ins, but are also designed for course creators who need additional educational materials to supplement lessons or trainings.

Instagram Reels

Staying on top of the trends means that we’ve been creating Instagram Reels templates for a very long time — and if we can toot our own horn a little, we’ve gotten really good at creating Reels templates that our members love to customize with their choice of text, copy, and imagery. We’ve been helping Haute Stock members cut down the time it takes to create Instagram Reels with so many different Canva template packs that focus on a specific theme and style of Reel.

Whether you want to share a unique take, create a Twitter Quote Reel (which always have great engagement), promoting a new product / service, or simply want to share inspiration and motivation with quotes, our Reels templates will help you create engaging content in less time, and with less stress.

P.S. Need more Reels ideas? Check out our “Low Effort Instagram Reels Ideas” here or get 16 faceless (!!!) Reels ideas here.

Instagram Stories

We believe in a well-rounded marketing strategy, which means we also have a collection of InstaStories Canva templates to choose from. These InstaStories templates are extremely strategic — we know how easy it is for someone to swipe off your story, but from now on, you’re keeping them engaged with Stories templates that incorporate stunning imagery, professional design, and literally, tell a story that speaks to your audience. Whether you’re sharing a client’s success story, introducing a new offer, or selling within Stories itself, you’ll find organized, prompt-based Instagram Stories templates inside the Haute Stock library.

Instagram Carousel

Instagram Carousels are @hautestockco’s fave types of content to create for social media. Why? Because Instagram Carousels help us share valuable / educational content with our audience, and get lots of engagement! Our Instagram Carousel templates are designed with a marketing perspective that combines strategic selling points and stylish design.


Whether you’re creating Pinterest Idea Pins or static Pins to grow your reach on Pinterest, you need a design that is both eye-catching and strategic, so you’re stopping the scroll and getting click-throughs.


These pastel YouTube templates are so much fun! We created YouTube thumbnail templates that include eye-catching design elements and big text to hook your audience at first glance. We also have coordinating YouTube end screen templates so you can optimize your video and prime your audience with a specific action when the video ends. We also created YouTube channel cover templates so your entire YouTube is coordinated from your channel home page to your videos.

Blog Post

Long gone are the days where you could publish a blog post without any imagery whatsoever. A good blog post balances imagery and text to draw the reader in. Use these stunning blog post templates to help tell your story, share information, and of course, encourage pinning on Pinterest!

Quotes (InstaQuotes)

Inside the Haute Stock library you’ll also find both done-for-you quotes that you can post as is, or if you want to take them a step further, you can also download the templates and customize with your brand colors and fonts.

Either way, these types of quotes are great for likes, saves, and shares on Instagram and Facebook. So use them when you need a little engagement boost for your account!

Designed to maximize engagement and help you create a cohesive visual brand across all your marketing channels, Haute Stock templates are designed to make your content creation faster and more streamlined.

And the best part is with these customizable Canva templates you don’t have to invest in a professional designer, because they’re already professionally designed for you by the Haute Stock team and included in the Haute Stock membership at no additional cost.

Your brand is one of the most important assets for growing your business, but it shouldn’t have to take you countless hours to create on-brand imagery — that’s what Haute Stock’s templates are for!


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