Three Ways to Add Elegance To Your Visual Branding

Filed in Branding & Design — November 14, 2021

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When it comes to adding a touch of elegance to your branding, oftentimes, less is more.

If you look at most luxury packaging and design, you’ll see that the branding feels refined and timeless. There’s space and simplicity in the imagery that creates a feeling of confidence and purpose.

And though you may not have the big marketing budget that luxury brands do, there are ways to elevate your imagery to give off that same high-end feeling!

Below are three of our fave tips to elevate your branding using examples from the Haute Stock library:



Incorporate videos to add movement, interest and depth to your designs.

Simple videos like the one featured above really breathe life into the image and make the graphic a show-stopper!
Haute Tip: Browse the Video Category in the Haute Stock Library and use videos as backgrounds for your graphics by overlaying static images or text on top. Save as an MP4 file for social or as a GIF for newsletters like we’ve done here.



Textured backgrounds are a beautiful way to elevate your designs.

Shadows, light, and texture will instantly add a luxurious feel to your imagery. Overlay with text, images, or both.

Use textured backgrounds when you want to create interest but don’t want the busyness of a pattern or want to add more oomph than a solid colored background.
Haute Tip: Search “texture” or “textured background” in the Haute Stock Library to find hundreds of these images in different colorways!



When in doubt, go for black & white.

Love an image that’s not quite in your brand colors? When in doubt, go for black & white!

Black and white images will always exude a classic, timeless feel that gives off a vibe of understated elegance.
Haute Tip: Either choose black and white photos from the Haute Stock library, or add a black and white filter to color photos! You can also add a touch of a grain effect to add a vintage feel if that fits with your brand.





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