The Studio: Elevated Workspace Stock Photos and Videos

Filed in Featured, Stock Images — November 14, 2023

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Maybe it’s the changing seasons and the cooler weather, but we’ve been leaning into the “dark academia” vibe lately while adding our own creative spin. So if you’re a fan of this style, you’ll love our newest elevated workspace stock photos and videos collection: The Studio.

The Studio, a cool workspace stock photos and videos collection that is perfect for content creators, creatives and digital marketers

Elevate Your Creativity with The Studio: Workspace Stock Imagery for Creatives, Digital Marketers, and Social Media Managers

Like FreelanceThe AgencyEditor’s Note, and Academia, this collection blends modern props with minimal aesthetics in a way that feels edgy, cool, and effortlessly elevated. 

Perfect for designers, creatives, content creators and digital marketers as well as SMMs, The Studio combines mood board planning with content shooting as a busy entrepreneur moves from ideation to creation. 

Moodboard for Haute Stock's newest collection, the Studio. An elevated workspace stock photos and videos for creative designers

Whether you’re crafting eye-catching Pinterest Pins that demand attention or seeking nondescript b-roll for your Instagram Reels, The Studio is designed to elevate your creative projects. Certainly, these elevated workspace stock photos and videos provide endless possibilities for designers, social media managers, and creatives alike.


  • Stock image featuring woman sitting on couch with laptop in front of her, part of The Studio collection of elevated workspace stock photos and videos.
  • A scene showing a designer at work, with a vision board on the wall, papers on the floor, and a laptop and coffee on the floor, part of the studio collection of elevated workspace stock photos and videos
  • Stock image depicting Woman walking through studio set up for photoshoot, part of an  workspace stock photos and videos collection by Haute Stock


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Edgy Workspace Stock Imagery for Designers

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Laptop on comfy couch, part of Haute Stock The Studio collection of elevated workspace stock photos and videos.

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