What to Post on Instagram in May

Filed in Content Marketing, Instagram Tips, Social Media — May 7, 2020

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Get ideas for what to post to your social media for your business this May!


Post about kids activities on your social media this May!

Post About Kids Activities:

With many children out of school until the Fall, parents are still looking for ideas to keep the kids entertained, healthy, and happy.

People are also looking for ideas on how to work with kids at home, so if you’re a mompreneur with experience in this area, share your tips for staying productive!


  • Easy meal prep for kids (bonus: what to feed picky eaters, on the daily!)

  • Homeschooling tips & tricks

  • Arts & crafts, backyard activities, and other fun ideas to keep kids entertained and learning


Post About Beauty at Home:

Searches for at home beauty tips are still going strong. After all, feeling good on the outside is just as important as feeling good on the inside!


  • Easy beauty tips, like an everyday look that only takes X amount of time to do

  • Natural beauty remedies using store-bought ingredients

  • Beauty routines you swear by or ‘can’t live without’ products

  • A round-up of your must haves, top beauty influencers to follow, or favorite at-home beauty solutions


Post about beauty at home topics for your social media this May!




Post about your home workouts on your social media this May!


Post About Home Workouts:

Carving out time to exercise as a busy entrepreneur can be difficult in normal situations, but add lockdown restrictions to the mix, and what’s a gal to do?!


  • Share how you fit workouts into your schedule and give your followers pointers on how to commit to their fitness plan while at home

  • Post fun exercise routines you’ve come up with or create a list of your favorite online fitness classes to follow

  • Include your favorite exercise songs, playlists, or podcasts to listen to while working out


Post About Stress Relief:

It’s not surprising that people are struggling more with stress and anxiety, given the world’s current situation. Why not help someone going through a stressful patch by sharing what helps you settle your anxious nerves?


  • Post about stress relief activities, which could range from journaling, reading, knitting, baking, exercising, designing, organizing, etc.

  • Pay special attention to your ‘why’ and be sure to include anecdotes that resonate so your audience connects with your stress relief methods and feels inspired to do the same!


Post about your stress relief activities this May!




Post about easy meal prep on your social media this May!


Post About Easy Meal Prep:

Let’s be real — cooking 3 meals a day for a family of any size is overwhelming. Food bloggers and those who love to cook: this is where your tips for easy meal prep come in!


  • Share your favorite recipes, chefs to follow, or special ingredients that you can’t cook without

  • Include your process for making meal prep easier, and if it’s relevant, include links to your website with checklists, recipes, and planners

  • A shout-out to your local grocery store or a call to shop local will also go a long way!


Post About Working from Home:

Most entrepreneurs dream of the flexibility of working from home, but now that everyone in the family is home and trying to do the same, this might be turning into a little bit of a nightmare! 

Help your followers find their at-home work rhythm by sharing what helps keep you sane, focused, and productive.


  • Share your top productivity tips & tricks — maybe it’s putting on headphones and blasting your fav playlist, or setting “office hours” where no one can disturb you. We’re sure your followers are ready for anything to try to make working from home that much easier!


Post about working from home this May!




Post about home organizing this May!


Post About Home Organizing:

Making our home environment feel calm and comfortable is on everyone’s minds right now. So share your tips on organization, de-cluttering, re-decorating.


  • Topics like pantry organization are really popular right now since everyone is spending more time in the kitchen — share before/afters of your pantry and what tools you used to reorganize that space

  • How to keep kids toys under control (and put away at the end of the day!)

  • How to organize your closet or home office


Post About Gardening & Plants:

Pinterest searches for “gardening for beginners” have increased, meaning search terms related to vegetables, nature, gardening, plants, flowers, and eco-conscious living will be super relevant for the next several months. 

This is especially applicable for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, since Spring is in full swing.


  • Share gardening tips, plant mom wins, or post a list of your favorite flowers that bring you joy

  • If your niche is in the eco-friendly industry, this is a great time for you to guide your followers with simple lifestyle changes that they can make right now

  • Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can mix in pretty florals to break up content in your feed and add visual interest!


Post about gardening & plants on your social media this May!



Celebrate your virtual celebrations this May!


Post About Virtual Celebrations:

Bring on the party, come rain, shine, or lockdown! 

The world could use a splash of fun and excitement, so don’t be shy to go virtual with your celebrations and invite your followers to join in on the festivities.


  • If you’ve got a business milestone to share or a personal event to celebrate, get the party started by sharing these special moments on social media.

    • Host a live event or share Stories of your party in progress

  • Provide tips on how to host virtual graduation parties, baby showers, and birthdays, etc.

  • Make a list of party must-haves to make any celebration a success


Post About Mental Health Month:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we believe it’s a topic that should be discussed openly, safely, and without judgement. 


  • If you’re comfortable with it, you can share your mental health journey with your followers, along with your wins and setbacks

  • Share the ways you take care of your mental health, whether it’s writing in a journal, doing yoga, meditating, exercising, dedicating a day to pampering yourself, or watching your favorite feel-good movies

  • Haute Stock Members can use this month’s bonus Canva templates to help build awareness around mental health and promote self-love



May Mental Health Month Canva Templates! Available to Haute Stock Members in the Member Hub.



Post about Mother's Day on social media this May!


Post About Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day falls on May 10th, so celebrate love on this day — the world needs it!


  • Schedule a post ahead of time wishing your followers a Happy Mother’s Day or prepare a heartfelt shout-out to that important mother figure in your life

  • If you’re planning on having a sale or running a promotion for this holiday, make sure you’re posting on Instagram Stories and your feed to get the word out


Post on Micro-Holidays:

There are so many national micro-holidays in May and we created this handy calendar below to help you keep track on what’s up and coming.

Haute Stock Members can download this calendar in the Member Hub and click on the hashtag under the holiday name to be linked directly to the Haute Stock images that are relevant to that hashtag!

Mirco-holidays are fun, easy topics to post about on your social media!

May's micro-holidays for ideas on what to post to social media for your business.



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