I don’t know about you but when it comes to any new feature that makes our design process easier or more convenient – we’re all ears! That’s why we swear by using Canva to create all of our video content because of their video editing capabilities and we knew we had to dive in and […]

How to Create Instagram Reels in Canva

Want to grow both your followers and get more engagement on Instagram? Well then you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re creating & posting Carousels!   Carousels are posts that have multiple slides, as of now you can have up to 10 slides per post that allow you to combine photos, video and text, meaning […]

How to Make Instagram Carousel Posts

  We’re all about working smarter, not harder. So when you create content to market your business on social media, be sure to repurpose that content across multiple platforms for maximum reach and exposure. Whether it’s the copy of an Instagram post elaborated on in a blog post, or sharing the results of your most […]

How to Repurpose Reels into Pinterest Idea Pins in Canva

Twitter quote graphics have been popular on Instagram and we can see why — they’re an easy way to engage with your ideal audience by sharing relatable content or by showing your cheeky personality to help you connect with followers. We’ve found a way to re-create Twitter posts graphics using Canva animation, so that you […]

How to Make Twitter Quotes for Reels in Canva

Are you consistently posting on Instagram but not quite getting the engagement that you hope for? While Instagram Reels may be all you’re hearing about these days, there are other types of content that are also crucial to your IG content strategy. Reels are great for getting discovered by a new audience – but how […]

Three Types of Content to Boost Engagement on Instagram

Looking for more ways to show up on Instagram Stories during your promotion? Scroll down!     Instagram can be a great platform to use during your promotional sales periods or during launches – but you need a plan to maximize views, engagement and click-through from your audience! We think Stories are a great way […]

How to Use Instagram Stories During Your Launch

At Haute Stock we’re not just about creating pretty things, we’re all about style + strategy. It’s the perfect combination if you ask us! Everything we do, from the stock photos we curate, to the templates we design for our members, are created with strategy in mind. Creating engagement boosting templates means that we research […]

How to Use Instagram Polls to Get Boost Engagement

Instagram Reels may be all the rage right now for growing your following, but Stories are still one of the best ways to engage your existing audience on Instagram and build a relationship that will eventually lead to sales. In this post we’re sharing 10 Instagram Stories ideas to boost your engagement that are easy […]

10 Instagram Stories Ideas to Boost Engagement

Your visuals on Instagram… one of the most important elements to building a cohesive brand that your audience can experience, relate to and engage with. That being said, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with knowing where to start. Once you know what your brand stands for then you can use our three different […]

How to Choose Instagram Visuals for a Cohesive & Engaging Brand

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from brands and business owners is that they get stuck with writing Instagram captions. And writing engaging captions that actually get your audience to stop-the-scroll, pay attention and take action? Forget about it! But what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be that difficult? Want […]

How to Write Instagram Captions that Get Engagement

Have you snagged your copy of Haute Stock’s 21 free stock photos yet? If not, you definitely want to get your hands on them now and then read this post! We’re showing you how to put Haute Stock’s free images good use with 9 New Years Resolution post ideas.   Connect with your audience by […]

9 New Year’s Resolution Post Ideas