How to Choose Instagram Visuals for a Cohesive & Engaging Brand

Filed in Instagram Tips, Social Media — March 26, 2021

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Your visuals on Instagram… one of the most important elements to building a cohesive brand that your audience can experience, relate to and engage with. That being said, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with knowing where to start.

Once you know what your brand stands for then you can use our three different strategies to help you build your visuals without the stress.

Today, we’ll be sharing these three different strategies: Primarily Photos, Primarily Graphics, or a Blend of Both.


Find out Haute Stock's three visual strategies to selecting images for your brand for instagram. Never stress again with these easy tips!


Choose one of the three visual strategies below when it comes to selecting visuals for your brand. Sticking to one formula will help you create consistency and give you a jumping off point when you’re staring at your blank screen.

Primarily Photos:

This strategy is best used for brands that are very visual.

Each photo that you choose should be very intentional and reflect one of your content pillars.

Choosing quality images is especially important with this strategy, and you’ll need a lot of high-quality, cohesive visuals to create a consistent content strategy.

Having a stock photography membership like Haute Stock is essential if you plan on using primarily photos for your Instagram feed!

Primarily Graphics:

This option is great if your business is focused on providing value through education or inspiration.

It’s incredibly important to utilize a consistent color palette and font systems.

Use a variety of graphic templates and elements to keep things fresh and visually appealing.

You’ll want to incorporate different types of visuals like quotes, infographics, testimonials, and carousels, all of which you can find in the Haute Stock member library!

Blend of Both Images & Graphics:

This strategy is the one that we personally utilize for Haute Stock’s Instagram.

This is the most versatile, with each image and graphic tying into a content pillar.

You can use a pattern to keep things cohesive, but not repetitive (photo + graphic + photo + quote + mockup, etc.)

We love this strategy because it keeps things interesting and allows for a beautiful aesthetic while also utilizing engagement boosting posts like quotes, memes, and carousels!

No matter the visual Instagram strategy you choose, the most important thing to keep in mind is that in order to be successful, you need to be consistent!

When you use cohesive visuals consistently, across all of your platforms, you’re actually helping to accelerate the growth of your business!

Creating graphics for social media and beyond is about so much more than just pretty designs.

By using cohesive visuals for your brand, you are…

✓ Driving increased brand awareness
✓ Creating connection with your audience
✓ Building trust with potential buyers

If you’re looking for a resource that will help you post more consistently because you’ll have access to the images, templates, done-for-you graphics, and marketing guides you need to pull together a plan in no time, look no further than Haute Stock, it’s all of that and more!

Build Your Cohesive Visual Strategy with a Haute Stock Membership

Haute Stock is the only visual content membership that has everything you need to create a solid social media strategy without overwhelm.

✓ You’ll get access to thousands of stock photos

✓ Customizable Canva templates to post on social

✓ Done-for-you engagement boosting social media quotes

✓ Designer branding elements to add into your graphics

✓ Monthly caption prompts so you’ll always know what to post

✓ Monthly marketing guides with the latest social media insights & tips

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