How to Write Instagram Captions that Get Engagement

Filed in Instagram Tips, Social Media — March 25, 2021

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One of the biggest frustrations we hear from brands and business owners is that they get stuck with writing Instagram captions. And writing engaging captions that actually get your audience to stop-the-scroll, pay attention and take action? Forget about it!

But what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be that difficult?

Want a simple 4 step formula you can take your captions from boring to engaging, while still keeping them on-brand!?!

That’s what we’re sharing with you in today’s post!

Scroll down for these simple steps for writing Instagram captions that get engagement for brands and businesses!


Learn how to write engaging Instagram captions for your business using a simple 4 step formula.

4 Steps to Instagram Captions that Get Engagement

4 Steps to Instagram Captions that Get Engagement

HEADLINE: When someone is scrolling their feed, you have just seconds to grab their attention. One way to do this is with an intriguing headline. You should craft a short, interesting statement or question that will be “above the fold.”

Your goal here is to get your audience to slow their scroll, expand the caption, and listen to what you have to say.

CREATE INTEREST: After your scroll-stopping headline, you should work to keep things interesting so they keep reading!

For example, in the post to the left, Alyssa shared how pampering just doesn’t do the job when it comes to self-care. The statement created interest & left her audience wondering why.

BODY SECTION:This is where you really dive deep into the topic you’re posting about!

Your body section should provide clarity in the form of an important thought, tip, or lesson. This is where you share the main point(s) that you want your audience to come away from your post with.

If you’re struggling with what to share in this section, focus on educating, entertaining, or empowering your audience.

CALL TO ACTION: Every caption should include a call to action (also known as a CTA).

What step do you want your audience to take when they’re done reading your post?

Do you want them to leave a comment? Send you a DM? Save the post for later? Click the link in your bio? Share with a friend?

Using a call to action at the end of your caption will invite your audience to take the next step and continue engaging with you, on and off the platform.

That’s it! The simple 4 step formula for writing engaging Instagram captions that will get your audience to stop-the-scroll and pay attention to what you’re saying and most importantly, take action!

Want caption ideas for your business each day of the month?

Inside the Haute Stock library you’ll find monthly social media caption prompts that will help you gain visibility, earn your audience’s trust and get more sales from social!

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