Three Types of Content to Boost Engagement on Instagram

Filed in Instagram Tips, Social Media — July 26, 2021

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Are you consistently posting on Instagram but not quite getting the engagement that you hope for?

While Instagram Reels may be all you’re hearing about these days, there are other types of content that are also crucial to your IG content strategy.

Reels are great for getting discovered by a new audience – but how are you serving your audience after they’ve found you?

What type of content will you create to establish yourself as an expert or as a brand that your ideal customers want to support?

We’re breaking down 3 types of feed post content that continue to perform well on Instagram and that you can easily incorporate into your content strategy.

Scroll down for the three types of posts, that we’ve personally tested, that are designed for more engagement on Instagram!


Learn what three types of content you can create for your business' Instagram to help boost shares & saves!


Three Types of Content, You Need to Incorporate into Your Instagram Strategy:

Instagram Carousels

  • Combines texts & visuals (including videos)
  • Tell a longer story with more variety & creativity
  • Repurpose longer content
  • Showcase your work or product
  • Quotes from posts
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Transformations
  • Customer testimonials or using your product
  • Your personal favs or recommendations

Instagram Infographics

  • Educational content
  • Breaks down concepts into small consumable bits
  • Use visuals to explain topics
  • Great way to highlight and market for longer posts from blog, Youtube or IGTV
  • Repurpose content
  • Places you as expert in your field

Instagram Quotes

  • Still proving to be highly engaging with audiences
  • Increases your relatability (connect with your ideal audience)
  • Inspirational content
  • Allows your feed to breathe
  • Shows your personality
  • Easy to consume

Watch a Full Tutorial with Tips on How To Create Each Type of Image


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