How to Use Instagram Stories During Your Launch

Filed in Content Marketing, Instagram Tips, Social Media — July 19, 2021

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Looking for more ways to show up on Instagram Stories during your promotion? Scroll down!


7 Ways to Use Instagram Stories During a Promotion.


Instagram can be a great platform to use during your promotional sales periods or during launches – but you need a plan to maximize views, engagement and click-through from your audience!

We think Stories are a great way to connect with your audience during a sale, launch, or promotion to help you turn your community of followers into buyers.


Here are 7 ways to use Instagram Stories During a Promotion

Announce It

Turn on your camera and talk to your audience. let them know that your promo is on!

Your energy and excitement will shine through and make your audience excited too!

Share Social Proof

Ask your customers or past clients to hop on their own stories and tag you so that you can re-share their Testimonials.


Create testimonial graphics and share them on Stories for your audience to read.

Count it Down

Use the countdown timer sticker in stories to create anticipation for your promotion or launch.


Use the countdown timer near the end of your promotion to create a sense of urgency!

Highlight It

Create highlights related to your promotion where you can save all the relevant stories you’ve been positing.

Make sure you have Separate highlights for:

The Offer
How it works

Ask Questions

Use the questions Sticker to give your audience the opportunity to ask you their pressing questions before they buy.

You can answer them individually in Dms or answer questions for everyone via stories.

Go Live

Using the responses you received in your questions sticker stories, go live to provide answers and interact with your audience.

Post the live on your feed and then share to Stories & highlights after!

Give Value

Make sure to plan some value-add content during your promotion to keep people interested and engaged, even if they’re not ready to buy right now.

Yes, you can focus on promo content for this short period, but planning some educational content (especially as it relates to the offer) is also great to add to the mix!


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