5 Instagram Reels Ideas for Small Businesses

Filed in Instagram Tips, Social Media — October 5, 2022

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Follow along as Haute Stock shares 5 Instagram Reels ideas for small business owners!

Does the idea of creating Instagram Reels make you want to hide? Perhaps you’re not even that camera shy, but finding the time to tackle one more Instagram feature can be daunting. You’re not alone!

BUT… Creating Instagram Reels as a small business can help you get in front of new audiences and connect with your current followers in the place where they’re spending the most time — watching video content on the Instagram app. 

That’s why we’re going to save you time and stress by sharing 5 easy Instagram Reels ideas for small businesses that you can post today!

 Haute Stock shares ideas for faceless reels content featuring: Previewing a sneak peak of your products/resources.

Create an Instagram Reel that’s going to generate hype around a new product or service you’re launching soon. Show a sneak peak of what’s to come in order to leave followers wanting more!

 Haute Stock shares ideas for faceless reels content featuring: Sharing quick industry related tips.

Create educational Instagram Reels without having to show up on camera at all! Start by using a stock video or stock photo as the background and add text boxes to share your tips. Keep the text to a minimum and expand on the tips in the caption (use CTA: “read caption for more”).

 Haute Stock shares ideas for faceless reels content featuring: Showing a glimpse into your life.

Connect with your audience on a personal level by showing them a day-in-the-life Instagram Reel that you can film right on your phone. Or if you want something even easier, Haute Stock has pre-made templates that you can update with images and text to convey the feeling, vibe, or occasion of your day (all you have to do is become a member to access)!

 Haute Stock shares ideas for faceless reels content featuring: Filming a tutorial.

Share your expertise and create a valuable tutorial that your audience can save and refer back to. Use your phone to film yourself or your screen/work area. Add a voice over to this Reel in the Instagram or InShot app.

 Haute Stock shares ideas for faceless reels content featuring: Motivating with a Quote.

Create inspirational quote Instagram Reels, because they’re always unbeatable in engagement! Stop the scroll by using stock video or a series of stock photos in the background of these types of Reels.


Watch the full tutorial video below:

Download the Haute Stock PDF Resource featuring 10 Reels Ideas for Entrepreneurs.

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