What Types of Styled Stock Photos Should you Use for your Brand?

Filed in Branding & Design, Haute Stock Membership — October 21, 2019

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Choosing the right stock photos for your business is an essential ingredient in building a recognizable brand and growing your online presence.


Find out what types of images you should be using for you brand in this blog post from Haute Stock.


At Haute Stock we’re obsessed with making sure that our members find the perfect images for their brand quickly + easily. That’s why when we launched our custom membership site back in 2017, we spent countless hours perfecting our SEARCH and FILTER options.

Our members can filter by their brand colors while searching for things like specific keywords, browsing through categories of images, or even just looking through our latest weekly collection.

Searching by color while filtering for keywords specific for your brand is the quickest way to find on-brand images to post on social media, use for your latest blog post, or to polish up the presentation you’re giving next week.

Check out this post that shows you exactly how to find the right images for your brand.


Beyond searching for your brand colors, exactly what types of images should you be using for your business?

We think that searching through Categories is also a great way to find the right imagery for your brand. That’s why we’re breaking down the various categories of images included in the Haute Stock Library and giving you ideas on how you can use them for your business.


Pink, blue, mint, and pastel instagram-worthy summer lifestyle stock photos from Haute Stock.

Lifestyle Stock Photos
Instagram worthy lifestyle stock photos make posting on social media easy.

They include everything from travel, work from home, mom life, health & wellness and so much more.

They’re great for social media feeds, bloggers, and coaches.


Workspace and desktop images for female entrepreneurs: business coaches, career coaches, virtual assistants, and social media marketers.

Workspace Stock Photos

Workspace, desktop and flatlay styled stock photos are perfect for those writing about entrepreneurship, starting a business, finance, and education.

They’re popular for business coaches, career coaches, virtual assistants, and social media marketers.


Tech, mug, frame and stationery mockups to display your business' creations and designs perfect for website developers, graphic designers, product designers and creative entrepreneurs!

Mockup Stock Photos

We love mockup stock photos because they’re an eye-catching way to display designs and new products.

We have two categories of mockups in the Haute Stock library – Tech Mockups and Product Mockups.

These are perfect for website developers, graphic designers, product designers and more!


Seasonal stock photos for holidays, seasons and events to help you connect with your community!

Seasonal Stock Photos

Seasonal stock images can really be used by any brand in any industry, especially on social media, as a way to post timely content.

Everyone gets excited about #psl season or the holidays, and our seasonal images allow you to create content that connects and get’s your community commenting.


Pre-made social media inspirational quotes to share with your followers.


InstaQuotes are another type of content that can be used by almost any brand to connect with your audience.

We release a new collection of pre-made social media quotes every month and they’re always really popular. You can post them to Instagram, Stories, Facebook and Twitter.


Pre-made artistic overlays, icons, paint swatches, florals, frames and backgrounds to create on-brand and unique designs for your business.

Graphics Packs

Ok, so these aren’t styled stock photos, but they can easily be used to enhance your visuals.

Use the icons on your sales pages, the hand-lettered overlays & brush strokes to make Instagram Stories graphics, or the backgrounds to make on-brand quote graphics.

The possibilities are endless with these design assets that are included in a Haute Stock Membership!

So there you have it, six types of styled stock that you can use in your business to create a cohesive and captivating visual presence online.

Which of these types of styled stock photos will you use for your business? Or will you be like us and use them all?



Want these stock photos for yourself?

All of the images in this post are included in the Haute Stock Membership!

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