Member Highlight: Printed Mint

Filed in Case Studies — January 14, 2019

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‘Feeling excited’ is an understatement when we see Haute Stock members using our stock photos to build their brands. From carefully curated Instagram feeds, to creative blog post covers, to powerful websites, and so much more, we’re always amazed how members turn these images into graphics that speak to their business and help tell their story.

Our passion from day one has been to create gorgeous styled stock photography that helps women entrepreneurs show up online and feel confident in their visuals, all while looking professional and polished.

When we saw Printed Mint’s new website, we knew we just had to share their rebrand! The modern look is too gorgeous not to share, and they’ve used a selection of our stock photos that go perfectly with their business and branding!

Haute Stock member spotlight: Printed Mint.

If we were to play I Spy, we’d spy a variety of Haute Stock images throughout Printed Mint’s website. We gotta say, their branding colors + the images they chose are perfection!

The neat thing about many of the photos Printed Mint has used on their website — and what makes it so special to us — is that the images were created as part of our our product mockup collaboration. So these images really fit Printed Mint to a tee because they feature their own products, like the clear mug, cosmetic bags, and tote bags.

Printed Mint's website is absolutely gorgeous! We love how all the elements — font, colors, shapes, design, and images — come together to create this cohesive look. Printed Mint has used many Haute Stock photos throughout their site that go with the…

Printed Mint’s Home Page

Choosing a variety stock photos that compliment your brand colors (main + secondary) and brand style will help you to create a memorable and cohesive visual presence.

Printed Mint also used Haute Stock photos that didn’t feature their products, but matched their brand style and main/secondary brand colors. Mixing and matching your own professional images along with polished, high-quality stock photos is a great way to add variety and uniqueness to your online presence.


Printed Mint’s About Page
Patterned backgrounds, on-brand colored overlays, strategically placed logos, and different image perspectives (pulled back, close-up, lifestyle, flatlay) offer a unique look to your visuals. Be sure to choose images of a similar color palette in order to keep the different elements cohesive.

Oh my, isn’t it just so pretty?! We hope you love Printed Mint’s new website and rebrand as much as we do!

Mary, Printed Mint’s Founder, had these sweet words to share with us recently:

“Haute Stock images truly make all the difference and we are incredibly thankful for the service you provide!”

We’re blushing. We’re honored and grateful to be able to help business women all over the world crush their visual strategy with gorgeous stock photos!

There are so many ways to create unique and fresh graphics for your brand! For example, you can:

  • Use icons, patterns, and overlays that relate to what you offer, as they can play a part in your overall brand style and add visual emphasis and interest.

  • Pair different font styles to bring attention to the text you want to highlight, while adding personality to your website.

  • Use main and complimentary brand colors + varying shades to define your branding.

  • Play around with the alignment of text, images, and content blocks to keep the reader engaged, without compromising on the flow and structure of your site.

We hope you feel inspired to find interesting and fun ways to use your stock photos to really make your brand personality pop! We’d love to hear of other ways you have customized your visuals in the comments below!

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