What to Post on Instagram in February

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your Photo & Caption guide for what to post on instagram in February


This blog post is full of caption ideas for what to post on Instagram in February. Social media stock photos, image ideas and Instagram caption ideas from Haute Stock!



friendship and collaboration.png

Post About Friendship & Collaboration:

Love is on everyone’s mind this month, but it doesn’t have to be all about romantic love. February is a great month to spread the love and support other female entrepreneurs by showcasing your clients/customers, sharing accounts that inspire you, or featuring fellow business owners on your blog or social media.

A quick search for keywords like friendship or collaboration in the Haute Stock library will bring up results with women together in different settings like coffee shops, working out, or celebrations.

Collections in this moodboard:

Modern Femme, Rustic Travel, Collab Workday, Coffee Shop, Fitness


Friendship and Collaboration Post ideas:

  • Do a #followfriday feature every week this month where you share some of your favorite accounts to follow and why. Ask your followers to do the same.

  • February is Black History Month in the US and Canada. Follow, share, and buy from Black-owned businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs. Bring awareness to Black organizations, charities, and causes you support and donate to by highlighting them in Stories. Amplify Black voices by collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs, or hosting an Instagram “takeover” where a Black creative you love can share their story with your followers. 

  • Post about businesses that you collaborate with. Tell your followers why they inspire you and why you’re excited about collaborating.

  • Do a series of posts featuring your clients/customers. You’ll have the opportunity to show them some love, and it helps build social proof for your product/service.

  • Post about friendship and how you’ve made friends or how difficult you’ve found it to make friends since starting your own business. Ask your followers to post about their own experiences.

  • Post ideas on how one can support/collaborate with other small business owners. Ask your followers to tag their favorite small businesses and brands.



self love mood board.png

Post About Self-Love & Empowerment

Holidays like Valentine’s Day can bring up some negative feelings and memories, so it’s actually a good time to remind your audience to be kind to themselves. You can also use this month to empower and inspire your audience by sharing your own experiences, failures, and path to success.

Self-love and empowerment are broad subjects and it can look different for everyone.

Also think of things you do to show yourself love and search for those keywords when searching for images: flowers, self-care, meditation, makeup, and coffee can all be found in the Haute Stock library.

Our Modern Femme Collection featured in this mood board is a great place to start.


Join the self-love club with these post ideas:

  • Share some of your biggest mental blocks and how you’re working on getting past them.

  • Share how you’ve developed a mindset for success, or how you’re working on your mindset to grow your business.

  • Post about how you show yourself love and ask your followers to do the same.

  • Share your top self-care tips for when you’re feeling down or stressed.

  • Share ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day even if you’re single.

  • Post about the best gift you’ve ever given yourself, or about a gift you’re planning on giving yourself and ask your follower to share theirs.

  • Share something you love about yourself/you’re proud of, and ask your followers to do the same.


Empower yourself and your clients/followers with these post ideas:

  • Post about your business journey. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Be honest about your struggles and how you overcame them.

  • Share inspiring stories from other women entrepreneurs who have found success on their own terms.

  • Share empowering and inspirational quotes from our extensive InstaQuotes collection.

  • Post about your failures and how you overcame them to get where you are now in your business.

  • Share some of your challenges or failures and how you overcame them to reach the next level of success in your business.

  • Share a list of your favorite business, mindset, or self-care books and how they’ve helped you.


valentines day.png

Post about Valentine’s Day

Well, this one is obvious! There are lots of beautiful images and graphics packs you can use from the Haute Stock library that will help you celebrate Valentine’s Day in style.

There are hundreds of Valentine’s Day related images in the Haute Stock library, simply type keyword Valentine’s Day into the search bar.

We also have editable Canva Templates for Instagram Stories, as well as Valentine’s Day Graphics, which are all available in the Graphics category in the Haute Stock Membership Library.

Posting relevant and timely holiday content is a great way to to connect with your audience and potentially get more reach by using holiday hashtags.



Pink & Red Valentine's Day styled stock images from Haute Stock.


Post about your Valentine’s Day Sales

Your promos and special offers deserve to be seen and there’s nothing more eye-catching than bold pops of color!

That’s why we love our new XOXO collection for creating #scrollstopping Valentine’s Day sales graphics.

Need ideas on how to design eye-catching sales graphics?

We created some Valetine’s Day sales graphic templates and examples in our XOXO Collection preview.


Fall in love with these Valentine’s day topic ideas:

  • Share your ideal Valentine’s Day date, and ask your followers to do the same.

  • Share your Valentine’s Day THIS/THAT or other Instagram Stories templates.

  • Post about your Valentine’s Day Sales or promos – make sure to post both on your feed and on Instagram Stories for more exposure! Learn how to create animated Instagram stories for your sales graphics in this post.

  • Post about what you do for your kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  • Post about your Valentine’s Day products like greeting cards, and prints, or your Valentine’s Day sales and promos.

  • Share your favorite / least favourite Valentine’s Day treat and ask your followers to do the same.

  • Wish your followers a Happy Valentine’s Day with a GIF or InstaStories graphic from the Haute Stock library.




Post a Motivational, Inspirational or Funny Quote

Here’s a little peek at some of our favorite quotes to post in February. Choose quotes that are similar in style with your brand voice and will resonate with your audience and write an original caption inspired by the quote.

There are hundreds of pre-made quote graphics in the Haute Stock library under the InstaQuotes category, ranging from funny to inspirational, and they’re perfect to post all month long! #socialmediamadeeasy


Valentine's Day pink & red instagram story template quizzes for your business from Haute Stock!


Post a Fun Instagram Story

In the Canva Templates Category inside the Haute Stock Library, members will find editable Instagram Stories Templates that can be personalized and used to share some fun facts about themselves with their followers!

These types of Instagram Stories posts are a good way to connect with your community, share a bit more about yourself or your brand, and get people excited about upcoming holidays or seasons.

This month’s Instagram Story bonuses are fully customizable in Canva, so Haute Stock members can change up the colors and fonts to make them more-on brand!
Become a member to download now





Customize your Designs with Graphic Elements

The elements from our gorgeous Valentine’s Day Inspired Graphics Pack will add a bit of love to your graphics this month!

Incorporate these elements into your Valentine’s Day sales graphics to create punchy and fun designs that are sure to get noticed. You can also use these to create your own social media quote graphics, or use them to design and print thank you cards for your customers.



Post on Micro-Holidays

There are so many national micro-holidays in February so we created this handy calendar below.

Haute Stock members can download this calendar in the Member Hub and click on the hashtag under the holiday name to be linked directly to the Haute Stock images that are relevant to that hashtag!

Post about these national micro-holidays to connect with your audience and make sure to use the hashtag in your post for more visibility and a chance to be discovered that day.

February 2021 Micro Holiday Calendar Haute Stock.png



Client Love Testimonial Templates Cover Image.png


Post Client or Customer Testimonials

Have you been collecting love letters from clients or customers who absolutely love your products? This is a great month to post those testimonials on social media and establish social proof in the form of testimonials!

Want to create beautiful customer testimonial graphics with ease?

We have a beautiful new set of Customer Testimonial Graphic Canva Templates in the Haute Stock Library!

Free February Instagram Caption Guide from Haute Stock. What to post on Instagram in February 2021. Caption prompts for social media for February 2021 and Valentine's Day caption ideas.

Want Monthly Caption Prompts to help you with your social media planning?Inside the Haute Stock member library we have marketing resources like Micro-Holiday Calendars, Content Marketing Guides with the latest social media tips & trends, and monthly Caption Prompts!

Plus, you’ll get access to our entire library of thousands of stock photos, customizable templates, and done-for-you social media posts!

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