What to Post on Instagram in January

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Your complete guide to what to post on Instagram in January 2021

If you struggle with what to post on Instagram, you’re not alone!

For many business owners, creating copy for Instagram captions is their number one struggle and a big reason why they don’t post as much as they want to.

When you don’t post consistently, you lose the opportunity to connect with your audience, stay top-of-mind and grow your brand.

That’s why we wanted to help you generate some ideas for topics to post about on Instagram in January 2021.

The complete guide to what to post on Instagram and social media in January 2020 from Haute Stock.


Post about Health, Wellness, Fitness and Workouts

It’s no secret that this is the month for people to want to start a healthier lifestyle, so why not meet them where they’re at and with what they’re already thinking about?


Health, wellness, nutrition, self-care, styled stock photos for women entrepreneurs. Wellness styled stock images for health coaches, stock photos for life coaches, healthy food stock photos for nutritionists, exclusively from Haute Stock.

Health & Wellness Stock Photos

A quick search in the Health & Wellness Category within the Haute Stock Membership library gives you hundreds of image options in a variety of colorways.

We love this unique color palette of green, yellow, blush and black using images from several of our collections.

When looking for health & wellness stock photos you can search for terms like self-care, reading, journaling, exercise, nutrition, healthy food, healthy habits and more.


Our favourite health & wellness stock photos for bloggers and entrepreneurs

click on the thumbnails below to see a preview of these Haute Stock collections

You don’t have to be in the Health/Wellness field to post about ideas and issues relating to self-care, health and motivation:

  • As a business coach, you could post about how important it is to set yourself up for success with the proper nutrition and exercise

  • Or you could post about your morning routine that helps you stay focused and accomplish more throughout the day

  • Post a pic and add a inspirational quote that helps keep you inspired

  • Ask your audience about their goals for 2021 and share yours

  • Post your morning routine, your favorite healthy recipe, or how you un-wind after a long day

  • Post about why you’re not choosing to start a new diet in the new year

Fitness stock photos for women. Workout stock images for women. Healthy lifestyle stock photos. Wellness styled stock photos for female entrepreneurs from Haute Stock.

Fitness Stock Photos

One way to narrow down your search within the Haute Stock library is to select the Health & Wellness Category and then filter the stock images by your brand colors.

That’s how found with these monochromatic fitness stock photos used in this moodboard.

One of our favorite workout collections is Healthy Habits.


Post about Home Organizing, De-cluttering, Purging and your Winter Wardrobe

Everyone has fresh starts and clean slates on their mind in January, so it’s the perfect time to post about organizing your home and purging old items to make space for abundance in your life.


Haute Stock styled stock photos for home organizers, stylists, realtors, lifestyle bloggers and more. Organized kitchen, organized bathroom, organized closet, organized spice rack. Styled stock images available exclusively from Haute Stock.


Home Organizing Stock Photos

Our Interiors & Architecture Category is a great place to start for these kinds of posts, but you can also browse by collection and to find releases such as Slow Living, Refresh, Laundry & Bath, and Coastal Kitchen featured in the mood board.

Our favourite home organizing stock photos for bloggers and entrepreneurs

click on the thumbnails below to see a preview of these Haute Stock collections

You can tailor your messaging depending on your expertise and your audience, here are some post ideas:

  • How to declutter your home room-by-room

  • How to organize your home office to increase your productivity

  • Why you’re creating a winter capsule wardrobe or your winter clothing must-haves

  • How to switch to environmentally better products for your home/skin

  • Which plants will brighten up your space during winter

  • Why purging your old, unwanted items can help you make space in your life for abundance

  • Share a behind-the-scenes or in-progress photo of your de-cluttering process (you can also share this in Stories!)



Post about Productivity, Goal Setting, Systems and Organization in your Business

The New Year has everyone focused on achieving more, but with less stress. January is the perfect time to post your time-saving tips, your thoughts on how to stay organized in your business, your advice for setting smart goals, and how to plan your day/week for maximum productivity.


Workspace, home office, productivity, goal setting, planning, entrepreneur, styled stock photos for women business owners, exclusively from Haute Stock.

Planning & Goal Setting Stock Photos

Type a keyword into the search bar in the Haute Stock library like planner, goal, agenda, journal, desk, office, or workspace.

Then, filter by color to find images that are a match for your brand. You can also filter by images that have tech/no tech or people/no people depending on what you want to post.


Our favourite planning & goal setting stock photos for bloggers and entrepreneurs

click on the thumbnails below to see a preview of these Haute Stock collections

Here are some more ideas of what to post about productivity, goal setting and systems:

  • Share your top three tips for staying productive

  • Post a list of your favorite apps for running your business

  • Post “a day in the life” to show your followers how you structure your day and ask them how they structure theirs

  • Share a time saving tip

  • Share a money saving tip

  • Post something for #motivationmonday or empowering quotes for entrepreneurs

  • Do an Instagram Stories video showing the behind-the-scenes of your office space

  • Share your business goals for 2021 and ask your audience to do the same


Productivity, goal setting, organizing, planning, feminine workspace, home office, styled stock photos and beautiful images for women entrepreneurs from Haute Stock.

Productivity & Workspace Stock Photos

The largest single category in the Haute Stock library, you’ll find thousands of images in Workspace. Filter by your brand colors and preferences to narrow your search and find images relevant to your posts!

This pretty blue mood board uses just a few of our favorite home office, workspace and desktop collections. There are literally thousands of home office and workspace stock images in the Haute Stock library in a variety of colors!


Our favourite productivity & workspace stock photos for bloggers and entrepreneurs

click on the thumbnails below to see a preview of these Haute Stock collections


Post a Motivational, Inspirational or Funny Quote

Quotes are always popular types of posts to share on social media. Take them one step further by writing a caption related to the quote that shares your personal story, journey, or why you find this quotes resonates with you.

There are hundreds of done-for-you quotes in the Haute Stock library, so just head over to the InstaQuotes category and have a look, or you can also search by keyword once you’re in the category to narrow down your options!

Get hundreds of social media quotes inside the Haute Stock member library! You'll find inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, empowering quotes, and funny quotes to post on social media. The best part? THey're done-for-you, so all you have to do…



Post on Micro-Holidays

Ever heard of #nationaltechnologyday or #nationalpinacoladaday? Hashtag holidays are a great way to post timely, relevant content that gets your community commenting. This January, there are lots of national micro-holidays or social media holidays to post about.

Luckily we’ve rounded up the National Micro-Holiday Calendar for January 2021 that you can view below so that you don’t miss a day!


Each month in the Haute Stock membership you’ll find a Micro-Holiday Calendar, Caption Prompts Calendar and a bonus Marketing guide!

We also have hundreds of images in the Haute Stock library that can be used for these hashtag holidays — in fact we have a National Micro Holiday Collection and a Food Holidays Collection. You can also search for the holiday hashtags in the library to get results, so it’s easy to find what you need to post!


There it is, your complete guide to what to post on social media in January 2021!

We’ve walked you through so many different kinds of post ideas, caption prompts, and given you tips on how to find the right stock photos to post on Instagram and social media.

With a little planning, you can create a full month’s worth of posts in no time flat. We love using Later or Planoly to visually plan our posts, add captions, and keep track of analytics so we know what our audience wants to see more of.

If you found this post helpful, we hope you’ll share it on social media!


Ready to simplify your marketing and grow your business in 2021?

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