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Filed in Stock Images — October 5, 2022

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Stylish seasonal lifestyle stock photos don’t have to be hard to find — in fact, it’s super easy to browse through all 700+ fall stock photos and stock videos in the Haute Stock library for the one that fits your content perfectly!

And we’ve just added even more seasonal lifestyle stock photos to the Haute Stock library this week: introducing Seasonal Snapshots, a colorful collection of stock photos that include fall, spring, and summer content, perfect for Haute Stock members in both hemispheres.

Nothing says fall like recently harvested pears and apples and really set the tone for your fall marketing campaigns. While the bright citrus, outdoor picnic stock imagery feels like spring/summer which will resonate with your audience during this time of year. In case you missed it, we shared how to incorporate fall into your marketing as a small business.

Mood board featuring seasonal stock photography from Haute Stock of tableware scenes and woman reading drinking out of mug. Join now to get access to our Seasonal Lifestyle Stock Photo collection.

We’re thrilled to introduce Andrea, of @mondegreen_studio, as the latest photographer to contribute her work to the Haute Stock library. Seasonal Snapshots showcases her portrait/editorial style and use of vibrant pops of color. We are obsessed with these seasonal lifestyle stock photos for entrepreneurs.

Looking for more seasonal stock imagery?
Check out some of our favorites!

Stock photography collection featuring fall color palette and interior design images.

Click through gallery below:
  • Seasonal Lifestyle Stock Photos like this one of a woman taking a picture.
  • Apple pie with beautiful apples surrounding the pie is the perfect fall stock photo for lifestyle bloggers
  • a woman sitting outside on a picnic blanket
  • White pumpkin stock images for fall
  • Pears in a bowl fall imagery for social media
  • A woman in blue drinking coffee as a lifestyle image for entrepreneurs
  • Woman in white resting with her hand over her face as a part of our seasonal lifestyle stock photos for entrepreneur collection
  • Citrus and a sliced orange give summer vibes in this collection of seasonal lifestyle stock photos
Fall stock image featuring white pumpkins against blush background. Browse our seasonal Lifestyle Stock Photos.

Stylish Seasonal Lifestyle Stock Photography

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