health and wellness stock photo of green smoothie, water bottle, succulent plant, and calming desk decor

Health and Wellness Stock Photos & Videos

Filed in Featured, Stock Images — May 4, 2023

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To kick-off Mental Health Awareness Month, we though it would be fitting if our first release was all about healthy habits that heal from within — eating nutrient-rich foods, mindfulness exercises, and leaving the tech behind to practice yoga and stretching. 

Vitality Stock photo collection is all about healthy habits, exercises and eating well, perfect for nutritionists and health & wellness bloggers.

Vitality is a fresh collection of 34 health and wellness stock photos that focus on embracing a holistic approach to wellness: eco-friendly shopping bags and cleaning supplies, grocery store hauls of leafy veggies and yummy fruits, lively greenery to brighten up interior spaces, yoga with friends to de-stress and re-align. 

Moodboard for Haute Stock's new collection of health and wellness stock photos, Vitality. It features stock images of yoga and meditation, healthy veggies and fruits in green  and grey color palette perfect for your health & wellness brands.

Captured by contributing photographer Jenna Hill of, Vitality has a soothing vibe and color palette that’s perfect for those in the health & wellness industry, and for any of your posts this month surrounding mental health. 

If you’re a nutritionist, yoga instructor, mid-life or menopause coach, lifestyle blogger, health practitioner, or looking for stock images featuring women in their 60s and 70s, you’ll want to use the Vitality health and wellness stock photos and coordinating stock videos for your brand.


  • Stock image of light & airy studio corner with plants and coastal decor
  • health and wellness stock photo featuring woman squeezing lemon into a green smoothie
  • Women stretching in yoga class, perfect images for your wellness brand
  • Woman wearing green leggings stretching in our latest collection of health and wellness stock photos for entrepreneurs
  • Stock photo of a green smoothie with vitamin pills next to it, part of Haute Stock's Vitality collection
  • Woman rolling up yoga mat, a stock image that is perfect for fitness instructors or wellness bloggers
  • This stock image features a close-up of orange slices and flower petals on white background
  • Stock photo of woman reaching for freshly prepared healthy green smoothie next to green plants and vegetables.
  • 2 women stretching using blocks in our health and wellness stock photos
  • Green apples, kale, zucchini, broccoli, and rosemary in eco-friendly market bag, perfect stock photo for your health & wellness brands
  • Stock image featuring women meditating
  • Orange smoothie flatlay with healthy ingredients around it, this stock image is part of Vitality collection.
  • Stock image of blue yoga mat and blocks against wall, perfect for fitness instructors and wellness bloggers
  • Farmer's market fresh oranges, this stock image is perfect for promoting eating healthy.


For more stock photos and stock videos that encourage and support your followers on their own mental wellness journey, or that help you share your own experience, check out these Haute Stock collections:

Wellness stock images featuring flatlay with workout bra, yoga mat and block and workout balls.
Stock image featuring woman holding tarot cards.

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Yoga mats ready for a session in airy studio with green plants, perfect stock photos for your health & wellness brands.

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