Stock photo of an artist's studio with a wooden stool and mint collared canvases.

Mint and Teal Creative Workspace Stock Photos & Videos

Filed in Featured, Stock Images — April 21, 2023

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Hautie, meet the latest must-have creative workspace stock photo & video collection:

Hint of Mint! 

Haute Stock's latest collection Hint of Mint features stock images and videos that are perfect for interior designers, product creators and artists in mint and teal color palette.

A little boho, a little vintage, this new creative workspace stock photo collection features an artist hard at work brainstorming color palettes, painting canvases, searching for inspiration, and taking a well-deserved break from the creative process. 

What we love about Hint of Mint is that it’s so versatile and the stock imagery can be used by anyone, in many different industries! Whether you’re an interior designer or decorator, product creator, graphic designer, artist, or color theory coach, if you have mint and teal hues in your branding, you’ll want to start using these workspace stock images and vertical videos in your branding!

Mood Board for Hint of Mint Collection featuring an artist at an art studio, canvases and art supplies in mint and teal color palette with boho and vintage vibe. Try our creative workspace stock photos.

The collection includes 20 stock photos and 6 vertical stock videos for you to use in your marketing materials, like client onboarding PDFs and fillable workbooks, can be used to design eye-catching Pinterest graphics, or effortlessly create Reels with these engaging videos!

Created by Paige of Studio BicycletteHint of Mint highlights what we love about Paige’s signature style: elevated minimalism captured through textures, layers, and delicate details. Recently, Paige described her style as “quiet luxury” and we couldn’t agree more!

If you’re feeling this vibe and you want more of Paige’s imagery to create your stunning visual brand, check out these collections she created exclusively for the Haute Stock Library:

Stock image featuring woman holding tarot cards.
Wellness stock images featuring flatlay with workout bra, yoga mat and block and workout balls.


  • A vintage styled workspace stock image featuring woman in mint dress reaching for her coffee with stacked books on floor
  • Stock image of paper rolls and art supplies, perfect for creative designers and artists
  • Mint styled stock photo of vases and votives on shelf
  • Creative Workspace Stock Photos and videos in mint and teal
  • An artist taking a break at her art studio, perfect workspace images for designers
  • mint and teal creative workspace stock images and videos
  • Woman prepping her painting, a stock photo part of Haute stock's Hint of Mint collection
  • Boho styled stock image featuring a mug of coffee on a stack of books and notebooks next to dried florals in vase
  • stock imagery of a woman in a creative workspace
  • Woman in mint color shirt taking a break from a long day of work part of Haute Stock's Hint of Mint collection


Mint Styled Stock Photography for Creative Designers and Artists

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Stock image of woman holding teal paint swatches perfect for creative designers

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