Co-Work is a new new stock photo and stock video collection that are perfect for business and career coaches, educators and course creators to use for their brand visuals.

Collaboration Stock Photos & Videos for Business Coaches

Filed in Featured, Stock Images — June 27, 2023

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A light and airy workspace perfect for collaboration, recording video content, and getting it done.

Calling all business and career coaches, design + branding studios, educators, and course creators: we have a new stock photo and stock video collection in the members-only library that you’ll love using for your brand visuals!

Co-Work is a collection of 20 light and airy workspace stock photos that feature a team of women at the office, collaborating on projects, and recording video content.

Mood Board for Co-Work, an airy workspace stock photo collection that features team of women at office, collaborating and recording video content in green and neutral colors.

There are also 15 stock videos in vertical and horizontal format that you can use to create engaging Instagram Reels or eye-catching website headers.

Not sure how to use stock videos for your brand? Be sure to check out this post where we show you 5 easy ways to use stock video!

Based on feedback from Haute Stock members, we made sure the all-female team in the Co-Work stock images and stock videos reflected age, race, and body diversity.

Haute Stock is dedicated to creating inclusive stock imagery that helps you uphold your brand values, lets you tell your brand story, and attracts your ideal customers.

On Air also features these same models, but in a mustard yellow, white, and grey color palette and with a focus on podcasting stock imagery.

Co-Work was created by contributing Haute Stock photographer, Jenna Hill ( who has also created some of our members’ fave diverse stock photo and stock video collections like: Reset, Vision Board, Bleu Cieland Vitality.


  • Team of diverse women laughing during meeting, a stock image of collaboration for business and career coaches.
  • Stock photo of woman writing ideas down in notebook for women educators or content creators
  • Woman setting up camera to record team, part od Haute stock's latest collection Co-Work that features images for collaboration and content creating.
  • Workspace Stock Photos of business coaches planning their content.
  • Stock photo of woman doing research on laptop, perfect for women educators and researchers.
  • Woman setting up camera for recording, A perfect stock image for content creators, educators and business coaches.
  • Shooting content using a tripod and phone in this collection of Stock Photos & Videos for Business Coaches
  • Stock Photos & Videos for Business Coaches featuring a woman working on her laptop at a large desk.
  • Stock photo of black woman holding stack of books, part of Co-Work workspace collection.
  • Mature woman reviewing paperwork at her desk. Perfect stock image for woman entrepreneurs.
  • Branding mood board hung up on wall, part of Haute Stock'S Co-Work collection.
  • Stock photo of woman writing in notebook while standing at desk perfect for content planners and business coaches.


Airy Workspace Stock Photos for Content Creators

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