Your visuals on Instagram… one of the most important elements to building a cohesive brand that your audience can experience, relate to and engage with. That being said, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with knowing where to start. Once you know what your brand stands for then you can use our three different […]

How to Choose Instagram Visuals for a Cohesive & Engaging Brand

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from brands and business owners is that they get stuck with writing Instagram captions. And writing engaging captions that actually get your audience to stop-the-scroll, pay attention and take action? Forget about it! But what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be that difficult? Want […]

How to Write Instagram Captions that Get Engagement

Have you snagged your copy of Haute Stock’s 21 free stock photos yet? If not, you definitely want to get your hands on them now and then read this post! We’re showing you how to put Haute Stock’s free images good use with 9 New Years Resolution post ideas.   Connect with your audience by […]

9 New Year’s Resolution Post Ideas

Want to use stock photos on Social Media but still have your feed feel authentic & Engaging? read on!     Do you ever look at your social media feed and wonder what can you do to make it pop? Are you tired of reiterating the same topics and imagery, all while feeling like you […]

How to Use Stock Photos on Instagram

    Post About Kids Activities: With many children out of school until the Fall, parents are still looking for ideas to keep the kids entertained, healthy, and happy. People are also looking for ideas on how to work with kids at home, so if you’re a mompreneur with experience in this area, share your […]

What to Post on Instagram in May

mAximize your blog posts by creating graphics that will help you get more traffic from social media As a business owner it’s important to create quality, free, and useful content for your community to add value and build trust. At the same time you want to create content that has longevity, so that you can […]

How to Repurpose Blog Post Graphics for Social Media

        Post About Spring Cleaning: With Spring right around the corner, many of us are wanting to refresh and rejuvenate our spaces. Now is the perfect time to post about Spring cleaning, home organizing and how to refresh decor.   SPRING CLEANING INSTAGRAM POST IDEAS: Post about your organizing plans, and how […]

What to Post on Instagram in March

your Photo & Caption guide for what to post on instagram in February       Post About Friendship & Collaboration: Love is on everyone’s mind this month, but it doesn’t have to be all about romantic love. February is a great month to spread the love and support other female entrepreneurs by showcasing your […]

What to Post on Instagram in February

What to Post on Instagram in January

As entrepreneurs we’re always looking to find quick and easy ways to create graphics that are on-brand and on-trend. That’s why Haute Stock loves Canva, because of how easy it is to use their Instagram story templates to create unique graphics that can be customized with our own images and graphics packs!     We […]

How to Customize Canva InstaStories Templates